Medical Tourism!

Medical Tourism!

The concept of medical tourism usually refers to traveling outside one’s country of residence to receive medical care.

Medical tourism represents an intriguing intersection of healthcare and travel experiences, where patients can benefit from high-quality medical services and treatment options at competitive prices, all while experiencing tourism and travel in unique destinations.

Diseases Treated through Medical Tourism in Egypt:

There are numerous diseases and conditions that can be treated through medical tourism in Egypt, including:

Respiratory System Diseases:

  - Asthma and chronic airway diseases.

   - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Digestive System Diseases:

   Stomach and intestinal inflammations.

   Gastric ulcers.

   Digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

Nervous System Diseases:

  erebral palsy.

   Multiple sclerosis.


Heart and Vascular Diseases:

   Coronary heart diseases.

   High blood pressure.

Skin Issues:



Bone and Joint Diseases:

   Rheumatoid arthritis.


   Back and neck pain.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy:

   Rehabilitation after bone and joint surgeries.

   Rehabilitation after sports injuries.

Kidney Diseases:

  Chronic kidney diseases.

Hormonal Disorders:

   Thyroid gland problems.

Obesity and Weight:

    Weight management and nutrition programs.

Types of Medical Tourism:

Several types of medical tourism are popular, including:

Mineral Water Treatment

Utilizing the benefits of natural mineral waters to treat specific issues like skin problems and digestive disorders.

Thermal Treatment

 Using hot springs and high-temperature environments to address joint and muscle pains.

Psychological and Relaxation Therapy

Tourist destinations offer stress-relief services through practices like yoga, meditation, and massage.

Mud, and Sand Therapy

Natural mud and mud are used for skin treatments and relief from certain chronic conditions.

Physical and Movement Therapy

Involves sports activities and natural movements like walking and cycling to improve physical fitness.

Food and Nutrition Therapy

Providing balanced, healthy meals with a focus on specific components that contribute to overall health.

Fresh Air and Natural Environment Therapy

Involves staying in quiet, pollution-free areas to improve breathing and general well-being, among others

Popular Medical Tourism Destinations in Egypt:

Egypt is one of the world’s major medical tourism destinations

offering various suitable places for medical

of different types, such as:

Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Ain Sokhna, Farafra, Siwa Oasis, Fayoum, Greater Sokhna, Safaga, Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria, North Coast, Smart Village, Qarun Lake, Coastal Oases, Kharga Oasis, Aswan, and more.

Benefits of Medical Tourism with Eshfaa:

  • High Quality: Specialized treatment destinations offer the highest levels of care and modern medical services.
  • Diverse Programs: Tailored to patient needs and covering their specific health requirements.
  • Cost Savings: Often, medical tourism allows patients to access high-quality medical services at lower costs than in their home country.
  • Faster Coordination and Reduced Waiting Times: Patients can avoid long wait periods for medical appointments and receive treatment faster.
  • Insurance Incentives: We arrange accommodations for the patient and a chosen companion, alongside all necessary healthcare arrangements.
  • Travel Experience: Allowing patients to explore new destinations and experience different cultures during their treatment and recovery period.

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