Home nursing service
You can now get more efficient and less expensive home nursing
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Home detection service
You can now get a home examination as quickly as possible
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Physiotherapy services
Physiotherapists, we seek to restore your strength and mobility
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Labs services
Reliable labs services for early diagnosis and personal care
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Radiology service
Radiology experts, we provide clear pictures of your health
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Surgical coordination service
Experience and accuracy in coordinating surgical procedures, for the comfort and safety of patients
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Medical Tourism!
The concept of medical tourism usually refers to traveling outside one’s country of residence to receive medical care.
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About Eshfaa

About us 

  • Eshfaa is a digital medical healthcare institution specialized in providing all integrated healthcare services (which include all medical expertise and the latest technology and personal care techniques) in hospitals and homes at the highest level of quality.
  • The Eshfaa Healthcare platform is officially accredited by Temos International from Germany, the world's leading company, thus making us the first and only specialized digital medical healthcare institution in Egypt and Africa to obtain this accreditation, enabling us to achieve leadership in medical tourism services.

We ensure the quality of treatment service and the safety and safety of the patient during and after receiving the service 

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Eshfaa Core Values

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Our services

Radiology service

Home radiology service, we provide all kinds of diagnostic radiology techniques at the highest level because your health is our goal

 Healing provides radiology services with high accuracy to its customers With a team of highly experienced doctors.

We provide you with radiology service in our specialized centers in many governorates of the Republic. 

In addition to providing all radiology services at home through home visits that cover the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria and some other governorates.

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Physiotherapy services

Experts in physical and motor therapy, we seek to restore your strength and mobility

 Eshfaa specializes in providing physiotherapy services.

We strive to improve patients' quality of life and enhance their health by offering innovative and effective treatment programs.


Our specialized team of physiotherapists works perfectly to provide personalized and individualized care for each patient in our specialized centers as we provide home service, using the latest technology and devices to achieve the best results. We provide physiotherapy services in cases of restoring mobility after a sports injury, surgery, pain relief, muscle strengthening and many other conditions, healing that meets your health needs to help you regain your health and well-being.

Home detection service

We provide a home examination doctor service for you at Shifa, as it is one of the most prominent services that we provide anytime, anywhere and through a team of doctors in various medical specialties.

We also provide a home examination doctor service for you with a selection of the best doctors, practitioners, specialists and consultants, to ensure that your medical needs and safety are met.

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Home nursing service

Comfort and safety, premium home nursing service

Healing provides specialized and comfortable care to patients in their home environment, with a portfolio of the best and most qualified experienced nurses.


Eshfaa provides home nursing service mainly in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Damietta, and many other governorates and we are constantly seeking to expand our services nationwide.

Medical analysis services

Reliable medical home tests for early diagnosis and personal follow-up

Eshfaa provides medical home analysis services at the highest level and accuracy. We provide medical analysis service through the best and largest laboratories located in all governorates of the Republic, we conduct medical analyzes in their specialized centers or through home visits to meet the needs of our customers in all governorates of Egypt.

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Surgical coordination service

Experience and accuracy in coordinating surgical procedures, for the comfort and safety of patients

Eshfaa's surgical coordination service provides you with a unique, convenient and reliable surgical experience We contract with a large number of the best hospitals and specialized clinics In Cairo, Giza and Alexandria, we receive cases from all governorates. With the best offers and prices for surgeries.


We are keen to ensure the quality of service and provide a safe environment Through the service of coordinating surgeries with the healing of your health in safe hands.

Intensive and intermediate care services

Intensive care requires medical competence and scientific expertise for its vital role in saving lives, so we have provided intensive and intermediate care service in all hospitals, our medical team is doing its best to ensure the safety and health of patients who are in serious health conditions, so we were able to provide the intensive care room at home with the highest capabilities.

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ICSI operations

The ICSI program from Eshfaa achieves your dream and gives you a chance if you do not reach menopause Do not miss the opportunity if you hope to become a mother, with the ICSI program from Eshfaa the chance of having twins increases We ensure that you always achieve high success rates and we can perform ICSI after the age of forty.

Medical Tourism Services

Medical tourism represents an exciting intersection between healthcare and the travel experience, patients can benefit from high-quality medical services and treatment options at competitive prices.


Through medical tourism services, it is possible to conduct comprehensive medical examinations, consult experienced doctors, perform operations or receive treatment that is not available in the home country, in a tourism and travel experience in distinctive destinations.

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