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Eshfaa provides medical analysis services with high accuracy and reliability. We provide this service through the largest and most famous chain of laboratories spread in all governorates of the Republic, whether in its specialized centers or through home visits to meet the needs of our customers in all governorates of Egypt.

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Medical analyzes and their importance:

  1. Early diagnosis: medical tests help in the early detection of diseases before obvious symptoms appear. By examining blood, urine, or tissue samples, early signs of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer and others can be detected.
  2. General Health Assessment: Medical tests help assess the general health status of an individual. Indicators such as blood fats, cholesterol levels, and kidney and liver function are measured, which helps doctors diagnose general health status and determine appropriate steps to take care of your health.
  3. Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment: Medical analyzes are used to monitor the effectiveness of treatments. By comparing results before and after treatment, doctors can assess whether treatment is working well and adjust doses according to need.
  4. Assessment of health status in cases of chronic diseases: Medical tests can help patients with chronic diseases monitor their health status in the long term. By checking blood sugar levels for people with diabetes or hormone levels for patients with thyroid disease, treatments can be adjusted according to changes in health status.
  5. Prevention and early treatment: Medical tests can be used to detect risk factors and warn of potential diseases. Based on the results, preventive actions such as lifestyle changes and dietary guidelines can be taken, which can help prevent disease and reduce health risks. In general, medical analyzes play a crucial role in health care, as they contribute to early diagnosis, assessment of health status and determination of necessary treatments, which helps in improving the quality of life and increasing the chances of recovery for patients.


In general, medical analyzes play a crucial role in health care, as they contribute to early diagnosis, health assessment and determination of necessary treatments, which helps in improving the quality of life and increasing the chances of recovery for patients.

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What are the conditions for doing the analyzes?

The conditions for performing medical analyzes differ slightly according to the type of analysis and its special requirements, but there are some general conditions that apply to many analyzes. Here are some general conditions:

  1. Fasting: some tests require fasting before taking the sample, and usually you should not eat or drink liquids for a specific period before the test. You must strictly follow the given instructions and refrain from food and drink in the specified period.
  2. Prior preparation: Some tests may require prior preparation, such as avoiding taking certain medications for a specific period before the examination, or avoiding smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages before the examination. You should follow the directions of the relevant physician or specialist regarding pre-test preparation.
  3. Appointment scheduling: Some tests may require prior appointment for sample collection or testing. It is preferable to make an appointment in advance with the medical laboratory or the competent health center to ensure the availability of the necessary equipment and personnel to perform the analysis correctly.
  4. Adhere to instructions: You must follow the test instructions carefully, including any instructions for preparations needed before the test and instructions for caring for the sample after it is taken.
  5. Reporting Medications and Health Conditions: You should report any medications you take regularly to the medical team responsible for the examination.

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The most important precautions that must be taken into account when performing medical analyzes to ensure that there are no errors in the results:

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What medical tests are available in Eshfaa?

Eshfaa provides all the required analyzes in the laboratories, as well as many medical analyzes that the patient needs at home, where it is possible to obtain the medical analysis service as packages, such as the comprehensive examination package that helps you in detecting liver and kidney functions, complete blood picture analysis, lipid analysis, thyroid analysis, and rate Vitamin D in your body, and other packages that help you with general knowledge of all health problems that you may face and reassurance of your health. Medical analyzes are also available individually, including:

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Liver function analysis

Liver function analysis

Random sugar analysis

C virus analysis

B virus analysis

Complete urinalysis

Osteoporosis analysis

Blood fluidity analysis

Analysis of gout salts in the blood

CBC complete blood picture analysis

Analysis of thyroid hormones

Full lipid profile analysis

Cholesterol analysis

Triglyceride analysis

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